Beam Projector

Fresh from Kickstarter, Beam is a cutting edge video projector that plugs into any light socket and then projects video onto any flat surface in your home (just aim the socket where you want it).

This is a pretty unique way to turn any wall in your house into a larger viewing screen for videos, games, movies, photos, or any app that you want. The device is being built for both iOS and Android.

If you don’t want to use a wall, you can also place it in a socket positioned above a table or countertop and project downward. This would be useful for displaying a recipe while cooking, playing a game with friends, etc. The original Kickstarter campaign has a great video illustrating how this would look.

The device is equipped with ‘Smart’ technology as well, allowing you to program it with rules dictating how it responds to certain situations, or connect it with other smart devices in your home and control the entire thing with the Beam smartphone app.

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