Amp Phone Speaker

Smartphones keep getting better each year. Improved screens. Better cameras. But one thing is still missing- better sound quality.

The product pictured above, called Amp, takes care of this problem with a high-tech solution that protects your phone while delivering outstanding sound.

Amp’s pair of high quality speakers can fill a room with rich and immersive sound, anywhere you go. It’s great for the outdoors, a house party, or even a conference call.

If you’re not the type to blast loud music from your phone, Amp improves the sound quality when listening via headphones too. This is all done with a built in computer chip that tailors the sound based on everything from your personal tastes to the environment around you.

One of the best features that Amp offers when used with headphones is noise cancellation. It’ll react based on noises in the environment around you and adjust to minimize that noise.

If you want to know how noise-canceling technology works, check out this article.

Basically, every sound has an opposite wave length. If your headphones can quickly produce a noise with that opposite soundwave, both noises will cancel out and go unheard.

Back on topic though.. to summarize:

Amp is the easiest and quickest way to get great sound quality out of your phone. No need for wires, speakers, or any extra gear. You’ll also never have to worry about battery life, because when you charge your phone, Amp’s Lithium Ion battery charges at the same time.

Amp is currently available for pre-order, and offers sizes for various models of iPhone 5 and 6. (Sorry Android fans!)

Hopefully they’ll release an Android version in the future too, at least for a few of the more popular phone models like Samsung Galaxy.

Even before the launch, this product has received a lot of great press, including from TechCrunch and Macworld.

After the launch, we suspect it’ll get even more attention.


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