7 Piece Metal Wall Art

This stunning metal wall art is actually made up of 7 separate pieces that hang side by side. It’s hand-sanded and made in USA, and comes ready to hang in your home.

It’s anything but small though, so make sure you have a nice large space planned for it… The dimensions are 66 inches wide, 24 inches tall, 2 inches deep. So it’d be best suited for a bedroom or living room with ample wall space.

The paint is extremely durable and is actually approved for hanging outdoors as well as indoors. You could get creative and display something like this outdoors if you have the space and the right type of home for it.

You could try hanging this in a hallway as well but you might miss out on some of the interesting views from further distances as the light reflects off of the surface. This wall art was specifically designed to create an interesting holographic effect depending on the lighting, and a hallway might limit this effect.

Each piece is hand made and then signed and dated by the artist (Ash Carl).

Overall, the customer reviews to date are outstanding and this looks like a very high quality piece that could fit well with a lot of modern interiors.


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