The Best Tech Gifts For Men from 2015-2016

We came up with this list of the best tech gifts for men to help sort through the huge amount of new gadgets and tech released last year. Every year seems to see an increase and 2015 was no different, which can be both good and bad.

It’s good news because there will be more cool tech gifts and useful gadgets on the market than ever. More options to choose from.

This is also potentially bad because it can be extremely hard to separate the best technology gifts from the low quality stuff. There are more copycats and unoriginal products than ever these days so finding the best stuff that’s truly original isn’t easy.

This is especially important when giving a gift, but also important when shopping for yourself.

Anyway, we did quite a bit of research to come up with this list of the best stuff we could find- 5 cool tech gifts for men that you might not have heard of yet.

2016 Update: We created a brand new list with 5 new gadgets that make great gifts for men. You can check out the new list here.


The Best Tech Gifts for Men from 2015:

1. Wocket

wocket smart wallet best tech gifts

The Wocket Smart Wallet is one of the best new tech gadgets coming out this year and is a great gift idea for men.

It’s designed to replace your entire wallet with one single card. Then it uses some pretty cool high tech security features to keep your information protected at all times.

Here’s how it works: You can load the information from up to 10,000 cards (you don’t have that many do you?) into one WocketCard that you carry with you inside the wallet. When it’s time to pay for something, you use a display screen on the wallet to choose which of your credit cards or bank cards you want to select. Then simply swipe the WocketCard as if it’s your normal card, it’ll load the necessary data from its memory and complete the transaction.

It works anywhere you’d use a debit or credit card. Talk about slimming down your wallet!

This is the perfect tech gift idea for somebody that carries a lot of cards around and tends to have a bulging wallet.

Don’t worry about security either, Wocket protects all of your information with biometric voicematch security, and a PIN. It also encrypts all of your card data when storing it.

Not impressed yet? Here are some additional features:

  • Works for online purchases. Press a button on the wallet to quickly display the card info you need.
  • Includes a mobile & desktop app for managing your finances.
  • Wallet battery lasts a full year, and can be recharged beyond that.
  • Made with high quality stitched leather, making this a very impressive tech gadget to give as a gift.

2. Panono

panono camera best tech gifts

This is definitely one of the coolest new gadgets on the market this year. It’s a camera that takes 360-degree panorama photos from mid air.

Just throw it up in the air and the camera automatically triggers at the ball’s highest point to give you the best photo possible. Check out some of the sample photos on the creator’s website to see how good it looks. There’s no blurring at all, the technology is really impressive.

A preview of your photo is sent to your mobile device after you take the picture, so you’ll know how it came out. The camera then stores up to 400 shots at a time and allows you to transfer them all to your computer with WiFi or USB when you get home. You can also view and manage your photos in Panono’s cloud servers.

This is a really cool tech gift for somebody that enjoys photography or outdoor events (hiking, concerts, sports, boating, etc).

You’ll capture some really unique photos with this, allowing you to look back and experience a scene with a full 360-degree view. And the great technology makes the whole product really easy and intuitive to use.

3. Sense

hello sense sleep monitor best tech gifts

Sense is a system that helps you understand your sleep habits and environment.

It sits on your nightstand or bedside table and tracks your sleep data, along with a number of other things such as temperature, noise, light, humidity, etc. Each morning it gives you a Sleep Score, and all of this information can help you make changes to improve the quality of your sleep.

Sense also includes a ‘smart’ alarm that uses your sleep data to wake you up in the most natural way possible (during the lightest part of your sleep cycle). This feature alone puts it into the conversation for the most interesting/cool tech gifts of the year, especially for a close friend or family member.

4. The 3Doodler 2.0

3d printing pen, best tech gifts of 2015

The 3Doodler was the world’s first 3D Printing Pen that you could actually buy, after starting as a Kickstarter campaign. We wrote a short post with a video and write-up about it when it came out (you can buy the original through the link in that post), and now the same company is working on a much slimmer and easier to handle version called 3Doodler 2.0.

3D printing is a pretty hot topic right now and a relatively inexpensive pen that allows you to draw objects in 3D is a pretty cool tech gift for anyone interested in design, art, or technology in general.

5. Project Ara

project ara phone best tech gifts

Warning: This one can’t be bought yet. But it has potential to be one of the best tech gadgets when it comes out (hopefully later this year).

Project Ara is a pretty ambitious project with the goal of creating a modular smartphone that you can assemble piece-by-piece based on your own needs.

Take a ton of photos? Install a better camera component.

Love to download movies? Add more storage space… You get the point.

This might not appeal to the avid iPhone enthusiast, but for everyone else it’s a really unique gadget that could make one of the best tech gifts once it’s finally released to the public.

Update: As of 8/19/15, Google has announced that Project Ara has been delayed until 2016. There’s no word on the cause of this delay. Most likely, Google wants to make sure it’s as good a product as possible before releasing it to the public.


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