3-D Printing Pen

This product called 3Doodler was the world’s first 3D printing pen that could actually be purchased. It can create some impressive designs, and it’s ridiculously fun to draw with as well. This technology could appeal to a variety of people and there are likely countless professions that could utilize this invention in some way, but the most obvious seems to be artists and designers.

The price for 3Doodler is quite reasonable considering it’s a groundbreaking product and 3D printing technology as a whole hasn’t been around long either. It’s selling for less than $100 at the time of posting this.

Check out the YouTube video below for a demo of how the 3Doodler works.



Warning: apparently we’re not the only ones who liked this. It’s periodically on backorder at the seller that our link leads to, and Amazon was out of stock at the time this post was published. The product is very popular and will definitely be restocked, so it’s worth checking periodically if the 3Doodler is something you’d like to own.

Recent update: The team over at 3Doodler recently came up with a second version that’s much slimmer and easier to grip. You can view it in this article. 

The biggest complaint about the original 3Doodler was the thickness and size which made the pen hard to handle. This is understandable since it was the first of this technology (think of how big/heavy the first computers and TVs were). Still, it’s great that they were able to solve this issue and improve the technology while fitting it into a smaller pen for the 2.0 version.


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