10 in 1 Ultimate Bar Tool

If you enjoy tending bar, this gadget is the sidekick you need.

This stainless steel gadget has a variety of tools built in. Here’s the full list, along with the specific uses for each:


1. Muddler-Crush herbs, spices, fruit and more to extract

2. Channel Knife- Create twists and other garnishes

3. Reamer- Add freshly squeezed juice from your favorite fruits

4. Zester- Capture the tang and aroma of citrus fruits

5. Jigger- Get a perfect 1-ounce or ½-ounce pour every time

6. Strainer- Separate ice from liquid as you pour

7. Bottle Opener-Pop the top off a beer or mixer

8. Corkscrew- Uncork your favorite bottle of wine

9. Stirrer- Blend cocktails thoroughly; expands up to 6″

10. Knife- Slice and dice ingredients and garnishes with this 4″ blade


The Ultimate Bar Tool also comes with a cocktail guide with instructions on how to get started. Because of this, it’d make a great gift idea for a cocktail enthusiast or anybody that enjoys making a drink here and there.

The product is the same approximate size of a pocket knife, and weighs 1 pound so it’s small enough to carry in pretty much any pocket.


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